The headstock:

A mounted plough headstock is made up of four elements:

A hydraulic cylinder for turning the plough over

Two stops for adjusting the vertical alignment

The pivot axle

Coupling yokes


The different triangular headstocks of Gregoire-Besson ploughs have been designed to adapt to varied and extreme usage conditions:

The pivot axles of Gregoire-Besson ploughs are both compact (to limit forces applied to the axle) and hollow (which improves resistance thanks to better shock absorbtion).

The diameter of the pivot axle is variable depending on the usage and dimensions of the plough. A pivot axle with a 100mm diameter will be used for less than 4 bodies and in light working conditions. On the other hand a pivot axle with a diametre of 1xxmm will be used on heavy ploughs with more than 5 bodies working in difficult conditions.

Coupling. The headstock can be equiped with different coupling yokes depending on the usage of the plough: 

The yokes:


The yokes are either, bolted to simple standard headstocks (RHAD) or, welded to reinforced headstocks (RHAS).


RHAS (soudure)