Security Systems

Lightweight safety bolt "C"

Lightweight security has been designed for use in "easy" soils (sand, silt, silty clay) that are homogenous and stone free. The plough body is made up of a leg and board welded together. Security is then enabled by a shear bolt. In case of shock, the bolt is sheared and the body rotates away from the obstacle. The strength of the bolt can be adapted to the conditions of use of the plough.
This security system is also appreciated for its weight savings and reliability, especially when the tractor has low lift capacity. It is possible in most cases to be able to add an extra body compared to a similar plow with another security system.

 An obstacle hits the board.
 The upper bolt is sheared through and the lower bolt acts as the pivot point allowing the body to clear the obstacle.
 Reinforced saftey bolt.

On plough ranges: 
31 | 4 | 47 | 7 | W

option: reinforced C

On plough ranges:
 4 | 7 | 947

Safety bolt "B"

In this case, the system is a more robust security bolt. The whole body is in one piece, which limits articulations, thus reducing play in them over time. Whole body rotates away from the obstacle by breaking a shear bolt at the articulation point. Depending on the diameter, we can adapt different resistances of bolts (90 to 130 kg) and can use this security in most soils. However, it is not recommended to use this security system in rocky soil.

 An obstacle hits the board.
 The bolts shear allowing the whole body to rotate out of the way.


Non-stop mechanical spring safety system "N"

Following the takeover of Naud, this non-stop mechanical spring safety system is installed on all ranges of Grégoire-Besson mounted plows. The spring is placed inside the element and has both the power to absorb the shock of the obstacle, and is powerfull enough to allow the rapid return of the body into the soil. The system is mounted on a double linkage that provides greater clearance from the body and improved reliability over time. This security system has been time proven. It is appreciated for its simplicity, reliability, and versatility. It is possible to adjust the hardness of the spring depending on soil conditions.

 An obstacle hits the board
 The springs absorb the impact.
 The whole body moves out of the way.

On plough ranges:
4 and 7

On plough ranges:
 4 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 47

Hydraulic safety "Y" and "Y12"

The non-stop hydraulic safety system is one of the features of the Grégoire-Besson range of ploughs. Mounted on 4 individual ball joints each body can escape both up-down and left-right without damaging the ball joint. This security system uses a double rod and hydraulic cylinder fixed to the end of the body. This Grégoire-Besson specificity ensures greater reliability of the security system and higher clearance above the beam. The hydraulic system is equipped with large capacity (4 or 6 liters) nitrogen spheres to avoid overloading the circuit when several bodies are triggered at the same time. It is also possible to adjust the trigger pressure to the conditions (120-200 bar). As an option, this setting can be modified in real time from the tractor cab.

"Y12" ultre reinforced hydraulic salety system.

Hydraulique security system (Z)

Reinforced non-stop security mechanism that uses the same hydraulic mechanism as the Y system. The support points of the system have been spread to increase capacity. Designed to work in extreme conditions, the joints were reinforced with rings for better longevity of the system over time.

Double articultation mountings:

  • Clearance under the tip ~70cm.
  • Tip load capacity from 700 to 2800kg (depending on cylendar diameter, calibration and body height).
 An obstacle hits the board
 The cylindar absorbs the shock.
 The whole body moves out of the way by pivoting on the ball joint.

On plough ranges: 7 | 8 | 9