LD 900 tine - for subsoilers:

The LD 900 tine (Low Disturbance 900 mm clearance)  has been designed to perfectly meet  agronomic soil loosening  expectations. Its purpose is to increase the porosity of the soil to promote rooting and improve drainage capacity during wet periods and capillary rise in dry periods. This operation must be carried out without disrupting layers.

The LD tine has a straight and symmetrical leg. It provides balanced lifting over the entire width of the machine. There is no lateral soil compaction.

The angle and shape of the  MIG  tip were designed to optimize traction and produce a vertical uplift of the ground (wave effect) to unpack without generating descent of fine soil or create surface marking.

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Available on all subsoilers proposed by Grégoire Besson, the LD 900 tine leaves perfectly loosened soil: deeply ventilated and surface unchanged.