The 'one pass finisher' concept

The combination of disks, tines and rollers guaranties maximal efficiency in one pass and in all conditions. For tractors from 180 hp to 250 hp.

Up to 5 Front Tines

Up to 5 front tines cultivate the soil below the 'pan' to a maximum depth of 14 inches. Available with different styles of tines to suit all soil types.

Double row of discs

A double row of hydraulically controlled discs with 2 discs mounted per bearing, chop, cultivate and mix stubble residue. The discs have a spacing of 23cm and create a level tilth ready for the packer.

Rear Packer

A rear packer consolidates the ground leaving a level seedbed. With a choice of packers to suit all soil types and conditions, a level finish is achieved every time.

Technical Details

Working width (m) 2.90
Number of discs 22
Number of tines 5
Discs spacing 230
Weight (kg) 2700-3300