Manually folding Discordon: DXN II

For small horsepower tractors

The Discordon has been designed for a one pass min till cultivation.

The DXN II has a 3.20 m working width and requires 170 plus horse power.

Four in one system

Front discs chop and mix, a double row of tines lifts and shatters the soil pan, rear discs turn and level the soil with a rear Emopak roller consolidating to limit evaporation. That’s four cultivation tasks completed in one pass.

The gang angle is adjusted mechanically.

The tines are protected by shear bolts or hydraulic auto reset. The working depth is controlled hydraulically via a parallelogram.

The Discordon can be equipped with a rear roller up to 900mm or an EMOPAK 630mm or 745mm.

Great stability

The drawbar is equipped with a hydraulic cylinder to increase the pressure on the tractor to reduce the draft. This cylinder is linked to a rubber shock absorber to ensure a regular working depth and give a comfortable ride.

Large choice of options

For different working conditions a large choice of discs and spacing are available. A choice of rear rollers is also available.

Other options include an autolube system, hydraulic brake system and low pressure wheels.

Technical Details

Working width (m) 3.20
Frame section (mm) 200 x 100 x 8
2nd frame section 150 x 100 x 8
Number of discs 24
Number of tines 5
Discs spacing 230
Discs Diameter (mm) 660
Discs shaft size 40
Hub 70 mm angular
Safety device shear bolt, non-stop hydraulic
Linkage drawbar
Roller Plain or Emopak
Wheel 12,5-80x15 or 14,0-65x16
Options Discs, hydraulic angle, hydraulic brake system...
Weight (kg) 6800