New design

The Discotill has conventional front discs and independent rear discs allowing a high speed operation in hard conditions.

A rear 500 mm roller reconsolidates and controls working depth.

Mono-bar chassis

The Discotill consists of the 300 x 300 x 10 mono-bar chassis which guarantees the visibility and efficiency of the operation as well as easier maintenance.

For hard conditions

The front disc gangs consist of 660 x 6 mm discs, on a 40 mm shaft, and the rear 620 x 6 mm discs have been mounted in pairs on the same bearing and have the Roll'Choc security system which allows a non stop operation in stony conditions.

Wide range

The Discotill is available in 5 models which have 28 to 44 discs and 3.00 - 5.40 m working width. The transport width is 2.50 m.

Technical Details

Working width (m) 3.00 - 5.40
Frame section (mm) 300x300x10
2nd frame section 180x100x8
Number of discs 28 - 44
Discs spacing 200 or 230 (front disc gang)
Discs Diameter (mm) 660 (front) - 620 (rear)
Discs shaft size 40
Angle adjustment Mechanical or optionally hydraulic cal
Hitch Hydraulic cylinder reinforced on the drawbar
Linkage pins
Roller 500 mm, plain, U-, Twin rollers
Wheel 400/60/15.14 PL
Options rollers, harrows, brake system, hectare counter
Weight (kg) 3900 to 5140