Non folding offset discs: Class V Pak

light mounted reversible plough

Versatile stubble cultivator

The Class V Pak is a cultivator designed for mixed farming.

It can be used for stubble cultivating and spring soil preparation.

Soil consolidation

The machine has a rear packer which levels and consolidates the soil and helps eliminate weeds.

There is a wide choice of packers (barrels, U and Twin packers).

Working depth

The depth controlling wheels are uniquely equipped with greasable bearings, with the help of which the depth can be controlled on each side of the machine (as the opened side of the disc can perform the deeper operation).

Technical Details

Class V Pak
Working width (m) 2.00 - 2.30 - 2.40 - 2.70 - 2.80 - 3.10 - 3.20 - 3.55
Frame section (mm) 150 x 100 x 8
2nd frame section 180 x 100 x 8
Number of discs 20 - 24 - 28 - 32
Discs spacing 200 / 230
Discs Diameter (mm) 660
Discs shaft size 40
Angle adjustment mechanically with a series of holes and a locking pin
Hitch Hydraulic depth resetting
Wheel 11.5/80/15
Options barrels, U and Twin packers