Heavy duty disc harrow: Big Pro

light mounted reversible plough

Robust construction

This cultivator has offset discs and is hydraulic folding. The chassis is 300x300x10mm and is fitted with a hydraulic rear linkage and an Emopak roller.

Available in 4.30 to 6.20 m working width for 140 to 230 horsepower tractors respectively.

Ease of use

The drawbar is eqipped with a hydraulic cylinder to increase the pressure on the tractor to reduce the draft. This cylinder is linked to a rubber shock absorber to ensure a regular working depth and give a comfortable ride.

The gang angle on this disc harrow can be adjusted either mechanically or hydraulically to maintain a level tilth.

Large choice of options

For different working conditions a large choice of discs and spacing are available. A choice of rear rollers is also available.

Other options include an autolube system, hydraulic brake system and low pressure wheels.

Technical Details

Big Pro
Working width (m) 4.40 - 4.60 - 4.80 - 5 - 5.30 - 5.40 - 5.80 - 6.20
Frame section (mm) 300 x 300 x 10
2nd frame section 150 x 100 x 8
Number of discs 40/44/48/52/56/60/64
Discs spacing 195, 230
Discs Diameter (mm) 660
Discs shaft size 40
Hub 80 mm angular
Angle adjustment Mechanical or hydraulic
Hitch Tractor drawbar
Linkage mounted on tractor link arms
Roller Emopak roller
Options Discs, hydraulic angle, hydraulic brake system...