Self-carrying disc harrow: Preci Pak

light mounted reversible plough

For average horsepower tractors

As in the case of the Preci X the Preci Pak requires an average of 90 to 170 horse power and provides a working width of 3.60 to 5.40 m.

Hydraulic control

The hydraulic cylinders control both the transport of the machine and lock the wing sections down for work, giving a good stability.

The chassis provides optimal weight and helps the penetration of the disc harrow into the soil under hard conditions and quickly eliminates weeds for an even tilth.

Large choice of options

For finer work the disc harrow can be fitted with a wide choice of rollers (plain-, U-, twin-roller, tyres).

Technical Details

Preci Pak
Working width (m) 3,60 - 4,00 - 4,50 - 5,00 - 5,40
Frame section (mm) 180 x 100 x 10
2nd frame section 180 x 80 x 8
Number of discs 28 - 32 - 36 - 40 - 44
Discs spacing 200 / 230
Discs Diameter (mm) 660
Discs shaft size 40
Angle adjustment Mechanic or optionally hydraulic
Hitch Tractor drawbar
Linkage mounted on tractor link arms
Roller 10 plain cylinder, 500 mm diameter
Wheel 400/60/15
Options Different discs, tractive equipment, coupling, hydraulic brake system...