Reversible on land mounted ploughs: HRP7, HRPW7

light mounted reversible plough

For high horsepower tractors

These ploughs have been developed for tractors with 100 to 360 horse power, which are fitted with low pressure, wide tyres or tracks. The goal in both cases is to improve the power-transmission on the soil, to reduce soil compaction and to minimise wheel slip.

For use on land and in furrow

These ploughs are capable of working in furrow when the ground is wet

Robust construction

These ploughs have a 150x150 mm beam and a 115 mm diameter headstock shaft made of special high grade steel. They have different security systems and clearances.

HRP7 - manual working width adjustment

On the HRP7 the adjustment of the working width is performed manually with 6 positions (12, 14, 16, 18, 20 and 22 inches)

HRPW7 - variable working width

The HRPW7 allows the working width to be adjusted hydraulically, on the move from the cab, from 12 to 20 inches. It can be used on any tractor with any wheel width.

Large choice of options

As on other ploughs in the Grégoire Besson range there is a wide choice of wheels (depth adjusting, transporting, combined etc.) as well as mouldboards and skimmers.

Technical Details

Type Reinforced plough, in or on land Adjustable width (hydraulic)
Number of Furrow 4, 4+1, 5, 5+1 4, 4+1, 5, 5+1
Frame section (mm) 150 x 150 150 x 150
Max HP requirement 100 - 360 100 - 360
Underbeam clearance (cm) 73-78-83 73-78-83
Point to point (cm) 90-100-110 90-100-114
Safety device Shearbolt, Non-stop mechanic, Non-stop hydraulic Shearbolt, Non-stop mechanic, Non-stop hydraulic
1st Furrow adjustment (1st furrow width) Manual adjust/hydraulic Manual adjust/hydraulic
Furrow alignment Mechanical/hydraulic Mechanical/hydraulic
Ind hydraulic 1st furrow alignment Independent Independent
Automatic hydraulic 1st furrow adjustment Automatic, with reverse controlling Automatic, with reverse controlling
Furrow width 5 positions manual Continuous adjusting during operating (hydraulic)
Wheel Choice: lateral, rear, combined Choice: lateral, rear, combined
Turnover From above From above
Options The choice of mouldboards and skimmers The choice of mouldboards and skimmers
Weight 2 000kg (5 bodies, non-stop hydraulic) 2 150kg (5 bodies, non-stop hydraulic)