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Technical Details
Heliplow Manual

Single Frame subsoiler: Heliplow

light mounted reversible plough

Range of models

The mounted models are made from a single beam with 3,00 or 4,00 m working widths (4 to 8 tines).

The Héliplow is available with double tines as well.

The héliplow has a curved tine ("michel" type).

Choice of protection

Shear bolt protection is available as standard for normal working conditions.

The Hélipow HD is equipped with non stop hydraulic double cylinder security for stony conditions.

Choice of wearing elements

The models can be equipped with different wearing elements: (simple or reversible) and with different ends (screwed or Quick Change).

Technical Details

Heliplow Heliplow HD Heliplow HD
Frame section (mm) 150 x 100 x 10 160 x 160 x 10 3,20
Number of beams 1 1 1
Underbeam clearance (mm) 900 900 900
HP requirement 90 - 160 120 - 200 120 - 190
Number of tines 4 - 6 - 8 4 - 6 - 8 6, 8 or 10
Linkage cat II or III cat II or III cat II or III
Type of tines Michèle tine Michèle tine Michèle tine
Safety device shearbolt Non stop hydraulic Non stop hydraulic
share Screwed or Quick Change Screwed or Quick Change Screwed or Quick Change
Options Furrow wheel, rear coupling, carbide steel covering.. Furrow wheel, carbide steel covering... roller