Semi-mounted Helios

light mounted reversible plough

Robust construction

The Helios has a 300x300x10 single beam chassis and has been developed for big working widths, without overloading the tractor. Because of the design this cultivator can be equipped with different rollers (plain rollers, double row cut away disc roller, Emopak).

Working widths

Available from 4,00 to 7,00 m working width and horsepower requirement of 180-600hp.

Choice of protection

Shear bolt protection is available as standard for normal working conditions.

The Helios can also be equipped with non stop hydraulic double cylinder security for stony conditions.

Great stability

The drawbar is equipped with a hydraulic cylinder to increase the pressure on the tractor to reduce the draft. This cylinder is linked to a rubber shock absorber to ensure a regular working depth and give a comfortable ride.

Large choice of options

The machine can have a furrow wheel, low pressure wheels, hydraulic brake system, three points mounted drawbar and disc coulters.

Technical Details

Frame section (mm) 300 x 300 x 10 (front) 150 x 100 x 8 (rear)
Number of beams 1
HP requirement 160 - 350
Number of tines 8, 10, 12, 14
Linkage Rotating ring
Type of tines Arched tines (michèl)
Safety device Shearbolt mechanic or hydraulic, non-stop
share Reversible points
Rear Implements Plain roller, Emopack, double cut away disc
Wheel 15 R 22-5
Options Different connections, hydraulic or pneumatic brake system, low pressure wheels...