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Technical Details


Precision seedbed cultivator

The Espresso is designed to produce a seedbed with a fine tilth for root crops. It is ideal on heavy land eg. clay and stony conditions.

Robust construction

The front of the cultivator consists of "S" tines to break the clod in advance of the crumbler roller.

The second segment consists of three rows of angled tines and a double crumbler roller. The unit reconsolidates the soil and leaves a fine level tilth.

Every crumbler roller has a bearing with a wheel-hub jaw and reinforced protective elements to reduce the chance of stones trapping in the bearing.

Range of models

The Espresso is available in 3.00m rigid and 3.00 - 5.00 m hydraulic folding varieties.

Technical Details

Espresso Espresso (folding)
Frame section (mm) 80 x 80 x 5 80 x 80 x 5
HP requirement 110 - 130 120 - 150
Number of tines rows of tines: 5 rows of tines: 5
Linkage Number 2 or 3 fork articulation Number 2 or 3 fork articulation
Type of tines 32 x 10 S type 32x10 angle blades
Rear Implements Double rotative harrow Light Crosskill -cylinder
Combination Clod compacting rotor, S type blades, clod compacting angle blades, double rotative harrow Clod compacting rotor, 32X10 blades, clod compacting rotor angle blades, light crosskill-cylinder
Options Blade-counterspring, comb harrow... Blade-counterspring, comb harrow...