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Technical Details
Subsoiler Manual


light mounted reversible plough

Robust construction

These subsoilers have been designed to work at a depth of 50 to 80 cm. It has a robust chassis (100x100x7, 120x120x7 or 150x150x7 mm depending of the number of tines). The 30 mm thick tines are available in 1, 2, or 3 configuration. Spacing options of 700, 800 or 950 mm provide working depths of 55, 65 or 80 cm respectively. The required pulling power is 50 to 160 horse power depending on the number of tines and working depth.

Every tine section is protected by a shear bolt. In extreme soil conditions the tines can be mounted with a hydraulic non-stop security system.

They can be optionally mounted with 475 or 575 mm diameter roller, ribbed triangle shape share and mole drainer.

These cultivators can be equipped with deflectors (supporting) and a dosage system (the distribution of the product into the soil).

Technical Details

Number of beams 1
Underbeam clearance (mm) 700/800/950
HP requirement 60 - 120
Number of tines 1, 2 or 3
Linkage Forked articulation
Type of tines 25 or 30 mm thick steel knife section
Safety device Pre-chipped pin or non stop hydraulic
share Heat-treated steel points
Rear Implements 475 or 575 mm diameter plain cylinder
Options Cultivating tools, mole drain..