Eurocult 5000

Semi-mounted tined cultivator

The Eurocult represents the new generation of tined stubble cultivators.

Having 700 mm under beam clearance and 230 mm or 306 mm spacing between tines these cultivators are ideal for use in dense trash

Because of the tine characteristics and robust chassis the machine can be used for stubble cultivation and deep cultivation of up to 30cm maximum depth.

For high horsepower tractors

The Eurocult 5000 is designed for large farms: it features hydraulic folding (5 sections) with a 3m transport width. Available from 8.50 to 11.05 m working width and suitable for tractors with 225 to 600 horse power.

Working depth control

The depth control can be adjusted fom the cab or set on a fixed stop. Slave and master cylinders provide automatic level setting of all the wheels.

Large choice of options

Depth wheels are available as an option along with, two or three rows of 16 mm diameter following harrows and a large choice of shares (duck-foot section, plain chisel point, baffle plate end).

Technical Details

Eurocult 5000
Frame section (mm) 100 x 100
Number of beams 5
Distance between beams (mm) 800 - 1000
Underbeam clearance (mm) 700
Tines spacing (mm) 230 or 306
HP requirement 220 - 400
Number of tines 37/39/41/43/45/47/49
Linkage drawbar
Depth control Trail height compensation, cylinder level setting of wheels and trails
Type of tines Eurochisel or Massif
Dimensions 52 x 32
share Screwed points or Quick change
Options Duck-foot shares, quick change system