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Discordon 4 in 1 Stubble Cultivator:


Combimix 'One Pass Finisher Concept':


The Gregoire Besson Discordon has been designed for a one pass min till cultivation. Front discs chop and mix, a double row of tines lifts and shatters the soil pan, rear discs turn and level the soil. A choice of rear rollers is available.


The combination of disks, tines and rollers guaranties maximal efficiency in one pass and in all conditions. Up to 5 front tines cultivate the soil below the 'pan' to a maximum depth of 14 inches. A double row of hydraulically controlled discs with 2 discs mounted per bearing, chop, cultivate and mix stubble residue. A rear packer consolidates the ground leaving a level seedbed.

Big Pro Heavy Duty Disc Harrow:


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The Big Pro is designed for all stubble removal needs: destruction of weeds, break down of capillary action to reduce moisture loss, self-seeding, management of organic residues and loosening roots.